hello, Spatula City is a personal website where someday I will have Spatulas for sale to purchase. Right now I use this site to show off my friends (Suzanne, Harmony, Travis, Kevin, Mike, Jill, Alex...). I also have a large photo gallery of pictures from many excursions and adventures that I have made. I'll call it a personal documentary. There is also shoutcast streaming music availale here through the use of winamp. My internet radion station genre is mostly techno and alterative but I will mix it up sometimes. There is a webcam available. I go to Fullerton College, California and I study Computer Information systems. I volunteer in Circle K on campus. I got the idea for the domain name www.spatula-city.com from the movie UHF starring Weird Al Yankovic. It was just a good reason to practice my web design skills and to get a web presence. Thanks for checking out my site, David (Dave) cook.

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