Cool Flash Sites
         XEOFREESTYLE Nice Graphics         
Pixelranger Very Mellow Music Site
Kimble Kimble's personal site
2 Advanced Studios Company that does nice flash design work
Dubit 3D chat A free (registration Required) graphical 3D chat community
Broken Saints A very compelling 24 part graphic novel

   Fun Flash Games
         The Lander Attempt to land the spacecraft on the planet         
Bug on a Wire You are a bug running on telephone wires
Runescape An free Java Based 3D online roleplaying game
Cargo Bounce A cute, silly and very fun game

   Music related sites
          Ishkur's guide to Electronic Music A catalogue the different genres of electronic music Want to know the artist or title of a song that was recently played on the radio?

   Just Weird Stuff
          Squish the Girl A very bizzare game, press (G) and (H) as fast as possilbe          
Herb Zipper How to be a "Cyber-Lovah". Watch the video.
Hatten-Baby Yeah it's really weird
Illustrated Guide to Breaking your Computer Kids, don't try this at home
Elevator Moods Ever wonder what goes on inside elevators?
End of the World A hilarious portrayal of how the world may end. Explicit Langiage. 3.61Meg file